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Aoife Whelan

Aoife Whelan is a blogger who started Sweff-The-Chef as a platform to share her passion and recipes for healthy food and living on her journey to health and general wellness. On Sweff-The-Chef you will find good wholesome, healthy recipes. Everything from steaks to vegan dishes, dairy free to gluten free, but always refined sugar free.

Aoife has a Degree in Culinary Arts and a Masters in Culinary Innovation and Food Product Development and is currently working on her second Masters in Guidance and Counselling, which she is loving! (She feels that wellness, food & guidance go hand in hand!)

Aoife has worked as a chef in the US and Ireland and over the years has developed a serious passion for happy healthy food! If you take anything from her blog please take this one peace of advice: Just change one thing, it doesn’t matter how big or small, and most importantly do it for you! Enjoy!