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Nessa Robins

Nessa Robins trained and worked as a nurse for many years. She has always been a keen cook. After the birth of her third child she started hosting cookery demos in her home which quickly became a huge hit. She then started her nessasfamilykitchen blog in 2010 and so her food writing career took off. Nessa styles and photographs all her own recipes.  
For almost five years she had a food column with the Westmeath Independent. Since May 2011, she has been the 'Family Food Expert' with Irish parenting magazine, Easy Parenting, plus a monthly Home Nurse column with The Farmer's Journal - Irish Country Living, as it merges her training as a nurse with her love for food. Nessa's food writing has brought her on an amazing journey and in 2014 she was thrilled to be asked to become a member of the prestigious

Her first book Apron Strings was published in May 2013 with New Island and she is currently working on her second book.